Do You Know the Secrets in the Cab–Shacman F3000 Truck

Do You Know the Secrets in the Cab? –Shacman F3000 Trucks

Introduction of the Appearance

According to the size, the cab of F3000 truck is divided into N (extended high roof), J (extended semi-high roof) and D (semi-extended semi-high roof), both of them have left hand drive and right hand drive; The front cover design of Shacman F3000 Truck is novel, the bumper and sun cover are upgraded.

There are the three different cab displays of F3000 truck in the picture as below.

F3000 Cab Dimension

Length(mm)2210 Length(mm)2210 Length(mm)2060
Width(mm)2490 Width(mm)2490 Width(mm)2490
Height(mm)2600 Height(mm)2155 Height(mm)2155

Assembly in the Cab of F3000 truck

Sun roof: The standard specification of the F3000 truck cab is manual sunroof with rotating open.

Seat: The main seat in the equipped with air suspension and hydraulic shock-absorbing, the auxiliary seat is a fixed seat, and a third seat is optional to meet different needs of customers.

Sleeper: N (two bed inside), J (one bed inside), D (one bed inside).

Window moving: Standard electric glass lifter (Mabuqi motor), manual is optional; single-arm structure.

Door lock: Mechanical door lock, central control door lock is optional, split door lock, horizontal opening.

Bumper: Shacman F3000 truck for road vehicle is equipped with non-metal bumpers; F3000 truck enhanced version, super-strong version tractors and engineering vehicles are equipped with metal bumpers without auxiliary bumpers.

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