Shacman L3000 Vacuum Suction Truck

Shacman Vacuum Suction Truck,8 Cubic Meter Sewage Suction Truck
Drive System 4 × 2
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 8750×2496×3550
Wheel Base (mm) 4500
Engine ISDe210 30, Cummins Engine ( Euro 3)
Horsepower 210HP
Tank Volume (m3) 6 cubic meter
Tank size (mm) 1500
Working pressure bar -0.97
Drain valve 5 inches
Sercurity and protection Ultrasonic water level overload protection, automatic overflow protection
Vacuum pump type Liquid ring type
Tank lifting Front lift monomer oil cylinder, can make the tank in any position on, under the operation, working Angle of 50 degrees or more, more thoroughly dumping dirt
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